Thanks for giving our trivia game a go!

Feel free to check out the answers below.

  1. Name the president: George W. Bush
  2. Name the vice-president: Dick Cheney
  3. Name the famous businesswoman who was sentenced to 5 months in prison: Martha Stewart
  4. Name the former president who passed away: Ronald Reagan
  5. Name the social media network that was launched: Facebook
  6. Name the college it was launched from: Harvard
  7. What show’s final episode was watched by 52 million people: Friends
  8. Name the most popular movie: Shrek 2
  9. Name the most popular tv show: American Idol
  10. Name the most popular pop song: Yea By: Usher
  11. Name the Super Bowl champs: New England Patriots
  12. Name the World Series champs: Red Sox
  13. The average price of a gallon of gas: $1.74
  14. The planet NASA rover landed on: Mars
  15. Name the famous chef who passed away at age 92: Julia Child
  16. Name the free service Google launched: Gmail
  17. Best selling fiction book: The Davinci Code
  18. Best selling non-fiction book: The Purpose Driven Life
  19. Performed during Super Bowl w/ a wardrobe malfunction: Janet Jackson
  20. NYC monument that reopened after repairs: Statue of Liberty

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